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Legal Donations

Pontypool RFC's appeal for inclusion in the Welsh Premiership, an appeal against the WRU's mismanagement of Premiership rugby, is now in need of a financial safety net to provide security against some of the WRU's legal costs, should the appeal be rejected. The amount required for this security is between £50,000 and £75,000. Pontypool RFC feels that £75,000 is a reasonable offer based on our costs incurred in bringing this case. To put it plainly, the judge may not allow the appeal to proceed without this security and so the appeal would effectively be rejected purely on financial grounds.

The WRU, having denied Pontypool RFC the opportunity to arbitrate, and knowing the Club’s limited financial assets have incurred legal costs and are now attempting to have the appeal rejected on these financial grounds, before the arguments of the actual appeal can be heard in court and judged on their merit. This tactic is a strong indication that the WRU have little faith in their own counter-arguments to the appeal, so financially out-muscling Pontypool RFC is a way to avoid defeat without actually allowing Pontypool RFC to prove their case.

Pontypool RFC has been managed well financially and lived within its means. None of the 290+ clubs in the WRU could afford to find such a sum in a week. Essentially, this means, that with arbitration unavailable, no club can bring any action due to the financial might of the WRU. There is effectively no path of appeal open to any club in the WRU. 

The appeal is morally strong and legally sound. Documents disclosed to the Club by the WRU as part of the legal process provide strong evidence in the Club’s favour. 

Therefore, Pontypool RFC is looking for people who can pledge money such that the sum of the pledges will cover the required legal security costs. This may also include an early purchase of several debentures that are due up for resale in the near future. 

Pontypool RFC is at the heart of our valley community, it is a rugby club that means so much to so many people. The players, coaching staff, directors, all our many invaluable volunteers and all our loyal supporters are passionate about Pontypool RFC and we will always fight for the club and fight for what we believe is right. We want to keep the club at the heart of Welsh rugby and the heart of the community, all we ask is to be allowed to compete on the rugby field in a fair and open way. 

We are not only fighting for Pontypool RFC's right to play in the Premiership, but we are fighting for the health of grass roots rugby in Wales overall. If you care about Pontypool Rugby Football Club, if you care about Welsh rugby, please pledge generously. In the likely event that Pontypool RFC's appeal is successful, then we will recover the majority of our own legal costs from the WRU and the pledges will not be required. We have a strong case, justice will prevail. 

Please contact one of the directors if you can pledge money or click the link to the right:

Dai Watt, 07801-876310

Graham Price,
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Siân Baldwin 07905-469336

Rev Alf Williams,
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Arthur Crane, 01495 763899

Your support will be very gratefully accepted.